Weird California
Weird California - By Joe Parzanese
One of Four Giant Shuttlecocks in Kansas City
One of Four Giant Shuttlecocks in Kansas City

Weird Outside California

Once in a great while, we travel outside of the great state of California. And even though the weird of California is at times pretty difficult to beat, there are still some fascinating strange spots all around the country. So here we present some of our forays outside of California. Included for your enjoyment are three locations in Chicago (Mount Carmel Cemetery, the Biograph Theater, and the spot of the Valentine's Day Massacre), two locations in Nevada (Weird Las Vegas and two cars that once belonged to criminals), and some giant Shuttlecocks in Kansas City.

  • Giant Shuttlecocks of Kansas City
  • Weird Seattle
  • World's Largest Wagon Wheel and Pickaxe