Weird California
Weird California
Weird California - By Joe Parzanese
The Stagecoach Inn
The Stagecoach Inn

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses have long been the prime setting for many a ghost story, chilling us to the bone with their dark corners, creaky doors, and narrow passageways. Regardless of if through murder, suicide, or accidental death, these structures hold on to their tormented phantoms for generations to come.

  • Atherton Mansion
  • Captain Cass's House
  • Clifton Webb House
  • Coffee Rice House
  • Greystone Mansion
  • Houdini Mansion
  • Kearny Street Ghost
  • LA County Arboretum
  • Mansions Hotel
  • Pitkin-Conrow House
  • Robinson Rose House
  • Stagecoach Inn
  • This Ole House
  • Villa Montezuma Mansion
  • Whaley House
  • Whittier Mansion
  • Winchester Mystery House