Weird California
Weird California
Weird California - By Joe Parzanese
Prospector's Road has a terrifying dead miner driving people away from his claim!

Haunted Roads

Some roads are best left for driving on during the day. From ghosts to monsters to phantom cars to strange phenomenon, these roads have it all. Most are remote, in the middle of nowhere or on the outskirts of their towns. The ghostly inhabitants who terrorize motorists along these stretches of highway aren't confined to a single intersection, but have been known to make appearances all throughout their dark, twisty paths. So be careful while navigating these streets, for you might just pick up an unwanted extra passenger in your back seat, staring malevolently at you in your rear view mirror.

Browning Road Lady Ghostly Carriage, Coaches and Horses Lady in White of Sycamore Road Las Tres Hermanas Proctor Valley Road Prospectors Road

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