Weird California
Weird California
Weird California - By Joe Parzanese
Natural Bridges State Beach had something wash ashore back in 1925!
Natural Bridges State Beach had something wash ashore back in 1925!


Monsters prowl California's nights, terrifying us in the dark. The elusive Bigfoot lurks in California's forests while the tiny Chupacabra invades from Mexico. Sea serpents swim in our ocean and occasionally wash ashore on our coastline like the Santa Cruz Sea Monster. Lake monsters dwell in the depths of our waters ranging from Tahoe Tessie to Lake Elsinore's Elsie and gigantic salamanders reside in Trinity Alps. Even prehistoric sea creatures such as the massive Megalodon Shark swim California's coastlines.

Down in Santa Paula the fearsome goat headed Billiwhack Monster, a possible product of genetic experimentation, chases after high school students while one town away, Charman, a horribly burned monster attacks its victims on a bridge along a very haunted road. The Santa Lucia Mountains hide the mysterious Dark Watchers who have appeared in John Steinbeck's works.

Cahuilla Indian legend tells the story of the Tahquitz, a mysterious evil spirit that is a voracious cannibal, and Bigfoot has appeared in pictographs in Tule River Indian Reservation. Southern California deserts east of San Diego have the Borrego Sandman, their version of Bigfoot. Nearby at the Borrego Sink, white apes with red eyes have assaulted campers.

Lizard People reside under our cities, our military bases and in our mountains. Their ancient and abandoned cities are rumored to contain vast treasures of gold. The alien like lizard man race has been reported all over California from Los Angeles to Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is also the home to Bigfoot, strange dwarves, countless alien and lost races, and more ape men.

And in 1961 the dog woman of Watts, a creature with the body of a dog and the face of a woman, terrorized frightened citizens throughout the area proving that even in the city, you aren't safe from the monsters of California!

So travel the hidden canyons of California, explore the dark forests, dive the deep depths of its lakes. Just be careful, you might not like what you find. Yes, indeed, California is literally crawling with strange beasts and horrifying monsters!

The Billiwhack Monster The Black Demon Borrego Sandman Char Man Chupacabras Dark Watchers Elsie Lizard People Lone Pine Mountain Devil The Monster of Elizabeth Lake Penelope, Monster of the Sierra Nevada's Proctor Valley Road Santa Cruz Sea Monster Tahoe Tessie Tahquitz Wetzel's Riverside Monster

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