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World's Largest Yo-Yo

Map Bird in Hand Yo Yo Museum
320 Broadway Street, Chico, California 95928

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In Chico, the Guinness Book of Worlds Records verified Worlds Largest Working Wood Yo-Yo is on display in the National Yo-Yo Museum. The museum showcases multiple yo-yos some from as far back as the 1920s.

The World's Largest Yo-Yo clocks in at 256 pounds. It has a seventy five foot long string and is fifty inches in height. There are other larger yo-yos in existence, but this one actually works. Built in 1979, this massive Tom Kuhn 3 in 1 no Jive Yo-Yo was hung over the San Francisco Bay in 1980 by a massive crane and um, well, basically yo-yo'd.

The National Championships happen at the site every year in October. The Yo-Yo Museum can be found inside the store "Bird in Hand" in downtown Chico.

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