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Nitt Witt Ridge

Map 881 Hillcrest Drive, Cambria, California 93428

Nitt Witt Ridge, in Cambria south of Hearst Castle
Nitt Witt Ridge, in Cambria south of Hearst Castle

Nitt Witt Ridge once owned by Art Beal aka Captain Nitt Witt or Der Tinkerpaw is a historical site in Cambria, California. Art Beal spent much of his time (about 51 years) building Nitt Witt Ridge, which was his home, out of junk and other materials that he was able to scavenge up. Bottles or cans make up the walls, toilet seats operate as picture frames, and sea shells are decorations. Despite the construction materials, a rather large and impressive house was built.

This poor man's Hearst Castle consists of a multiple layers of gardens and junk constructed buildings. There are a variety of stone arches, random lawn ornaments, and paths criss crossing back and forth on the hill that holds the house. Art Beal even created working fire places and water systems. Beer cans, abalone shells, car parts, and possibly even materials taken right from Hearst Castle make up the bulk of the building materials. The house includes multiple guest rooms, a balcony on the main house, a work area, a bathroom with two toilets facing each other (for the couple that prefers to go at the same time), an outdoor patio with what may have once been a fountain, and a variety of other bizarre and peculiar constructs.

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