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Mugu Rock

Map Point Mugu State Park
Malibu, California 90265

Mugu Rock - picture from <a href=',_Pt_Mugu,_Calif.jpg'>Wikimedia</a>
Mugu Rock - picture from Wikimedia

Point Mugu, along the coast near the Channel Islands, is probably best known for the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 on January 31st, 2000 in which all on board died.

Despite that, ancient legend states that Mugu Rock use to be the beautiful Native American Princess Hueneme. The seaweed around the rock use to be her unfaithful husband. The story states that the beautiful Princess lost her husband to a powerful evil woman who bent her husband's will to her. Eventually, the beautiful princess was able to win her husband back by breaking through the spell, but in despair over the events, she threw herself into the sea, becoming Mugu Rock. Her husband upset over this, chased after her into the sea and became the seaweed around the rock.

There is also speculation about the area near the rock being haunted by The Lady of Mugu Rock. Additionally at least one suicide has occurred there in 1994 when a man reportedly drove his car into the rock rather than face molestation charges.

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