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Santa Claus

Map 2801 East Ventura Blvd, Oxnard, California 93036
(Near North Rice Ave)

Santa Claus Watches Over Highway 101
Santa Claus Watches Over Highway 101

Old Postcard of Santa Claus Lane
Old Postcard of Santa Claus Lane

Although, Santa Claus now resides in Oxnard, CA, for 52 years he lived at Santa Claus Lane in Carpenteria along with his pal Frosty the Snowman and an entire Christmas themed street!

This eighteen foot tall Santa Claus found in Oxnard, CA just off of Highway 101 (take the Santa Clara exit if going North or the Rice Road exit if going South) use to be located on Santa Claus Lane just south of Santa Barbara in Carpenteria. The juice stand located on Santa Claus Lane was started by June and Patrick McKeon. With Santa Claus perched over their business, it evolved from nuts, fruit, olives, and dates into the Christmas themed attraction that it was for many many years. Santa resided in the chimney atop Santa's Candy Kitchen for fifty-two years.

However, wear and tear eventually made it unstable and hazardous to have it perched on top of the buildings there. It was taken down in March 2002. Luckily, it was saved by several citizens and transferred South to Oxnard in January 2003. It was repaired and repainted, and placed in its current spot in Oxnard, looking west over Highway 101. Approximately three hundred people attended his re-dedication at the new site.

Santa Claus Lane
Photo courtesy of David @ Gorillas Don't Blog

Santa's old home, Santa Claus Lane, has mostly been re-themed into sorta a New England style fishing village.

Along with Santa, Frosty the Snowman stood at Santa Claus Lane, just a few building rooftops south of Santa. Additionally the village at one time had a train that kids could take rides on around the area. To the right, you can see a picture circa 1960, courtesy of David at Gorillas Don't Blog, that shows both Santa and Frosty proudly watching over the street. What happened to Frosty, I do not know as he wasn't there in the nineties.

Santa Claus also wears shades in the summer to protect his eyes from the California Sun.


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