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It is unclear where the exact origin of the term El Chupacabras originated from. Puerto Rican newspapers began using it in 1992, but the term may have been used in 1990 or earlier. The name translates literally into "goat sucker" or "the sucker of goats".

A chupacabras is a lizard or dog like being about three to four feet in height. It is hairless, having either a ridged spine or several sharp spines or quills running down it's back. The creature has also been reported to be kangaroo like and to hop while others claim it's a cross between a wild dog and a reptile. Reports have also identified it as a huge rat like creature while yet more have described it as a kin to gargoyles complete with wings. Still others claim it has extra terrestrial or alien origins. Most reports claim that it stands on two legs and has strange glowing red eyes.

Regardless of what it is, the Chupcabras has been terrorizing the Americas since the early nineties. It has been reportedly seen in Southern California, Texas, and even as far north as the Carolinas. Additionally it has been in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and as far south as Chile. The chupacabras, if it indeed exists, is supposedly responsible for livestock mutilations and the remains of bloodless corpses through out those areas.

In 2004, a few dog like creatures, most identified as coyotes or dogs with skin problems were shot or seen throughout Texas and classified as Chupacabras. It should be noted that these creatures reportedly didn't bleed when shot. Several pictures of them can be seen around the Internet for one to draw their own conclusions on if they are Chupacabras or wild dogs with skin conditions. And although no one knows how it got so far north, there have even been "Chupacabras" sightings in Michigan.

Lastly Chupacabras are rumored to have a paralytic gaze similar to a vampire. This reportedly allows the creature to take its time when it feeds.


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