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Fry's Electronics Alien Invasion

Map Fry's Electronics
2311 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505

Fry's Electronics in Burbank is under constant Alien Invasion!
Fry's Electronics in Burbank is under constant Alien Invasion!

The aliens have invaded and they're swarming . . . Fry's Electronics? Yes the Fry's Electronics in downtown Burbank is under constant Alien Invasion. The entire store is made up to look like it's in a fifties alien movie. Outside above the front door, an alien ship lies crashed, lights flashing. Inside, you walk in under the other half of the UFO where little green men spill out pointing ray guns at customers. A young boy stands next to two fifties style gas pumps holding up a newspaper claiming aliens have invaded!

In front of the UFO is a jeep, sliced in half by a ray gun blast, with soldiers trying to fight back the alien menace. To the left of the store, customers can locate two giant Them like ants swarming over the merchandise. Another gigantic flying saucer lies near the back of the store and another gigantic ant lies over the customer service desk.

Alien Octopus
An Alien Octopus bursts through the walls of Fry's Electronics!

The tall silver alien from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" lies along the center aisle carrying an unconscious blond in his arms. In the far right corner, there is a small cafe consisting of three fifties style convertibles, complete with tables in the middle of them for dining (think Jack Rabbit Slims from Pulp Fiction).

To the right of the entrance you can find a gigantic alien octopus crashing through the wall. It's tentacles burst through the floors and hold up the electronics in this part of the store. Two jet fighters fly over the store to intercept and destroy the viscious outer space cephalopod.

So, yes, dear reader, the aliens have landed, right in downtown Burbank near the airport, and they've conquered . . . Fry's Electronics!

Apparently many of the Fry's Electronics stores are themed. The San Jose store is Mayan themed. Campbell is Egyptian. Fountain Valley is Ancient Rome and Woodland Hills is Alice and Wonderland.

Alice crying in Woodland Hills
Alice crying inside the Woodland Hills Frys

The Woodland Hills store near LA is entirely Alice in Wonderland themed. Sadly they refuse to let you take pictures. When I visited I was descended upon by several employees as soon as I snapped my first shot and subsequently given the impression that I should beat a hasty retreat. They muttered something about licensing with Disney preventing photographs from being taken (which is odd, as I don't think Disney owns the Alice in Wonderland copyright). From the entrance though you walk in through a rabbit hole and find before you statues of Alice and other characters as well as giant rabbit bushes.


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